Bad Romance

I had a long discussion with a friend about my free-writing entries where i tell stories of corrupt or failed relationships. I was told that i write these stories as if I lived through them, and that I should try to compile them and present the work in the form of a book. It sounded like a good idea, but I have so many unfinished projects that needs my attention more. so then, being as though these pieces of work had already been posted, I compiled the links of the stories and present to you, the “BAD ROMANCE” collection. Do enjoy.

BAD ROMANCE (Short Story Compilation)

1. Promise

2. Men’s Intuition

3. Home

4. Sex Life

5. Sexaholics Anonymous

6. Triangle Love Story

7. My Other Lover

8. Cherish

9. Seed of Suspicion

10. The Turning Point

© 2011 – 2012 Christopher L. Bacon –


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