2 comments on “PROMISE

  1. Hmm… Interesting conversation… as I read it, an exploration by this pair of essentially fatally dishonest people that attempts to explain and/or justify their own personal lies and refusal to take responsibility, characteristics that they obviously brought first into their marriages, and now are carrying into their infidelity, in effect, using that dishonesty to save themselves from well-earned and well-deserved guilt…. not a very attractive pair, to my mind… reminds me of an old saw, “if they’ll do it with you, they’ll do it to you…” All too true in this relationship, a doomed one, I’m afraid… well written, and compelling……good work, if a bit disheartening in mood…

  2. Lot of people build a lot of resentment on the spouse because of the affair. And this is tough to overcome if ignored. Working with our own emotions is really crucial and understanding the root cause which pushed the spouse or the partner to have the affair needs to be known. Additionally this gives an improved understanding of the problem.
    Have a nice day.

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